As part of the Roll-the-Dice Game Jam, random themes were generated and a game had to be made with said themes. The theme for this game is in the title Tribal Squirrel Colosseum.

A simple local multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Players start the game with three gladiator squirrels, each with their own randomized stats and weapons. Taking turns, each player moves one squirrel at a time. The amount of spaces that can be moved is base don the squirrel's Speed. Once placed, the squirrel will proceed to attack every tile they can, as determined by their Weapon. They will then deal damage by subtracting their Power from the victim's Energy. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Friendly fire is always on
  • Squirrels can only be moved once until a all squirrels have had their turn
  • Even after death, squirrels will continue to occupy their space

Can you do the best with your randomized gladiators?

The amazing artwork is credited to TheLostMessenger!


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