You are part of a proud corp. of intergalactic planetary babysitters. Your mission? Defend young planets long enough to see them mature into their adult celestial bodies. Your targets? A medley of malevolent missiles intent on killing baby planets. Your motivation? Not my job to tell you. Now, go out there and keep them planets nice and healthy!


  • Move Left/Right - Left/Right Arrow Keys or Left Joystick
  • Shoot - Space or A Button
  • Switch Planets - Z/X Keys or Left/Right Bumpers

The game does save your progress automatically, so it's possible to quit at any point and then continue later in whatever level you left off at. There are a total of 10 levels.

This game is a submission in the Blackthornprod Game Jam 2.

Install instructions

Extract files from .zip file and run the .exe file. Make sure the .exe file and _data file are in the same location.


Tiny Force (Win) 5 MB


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Wow, this is well made. 

At first i didn't even realize that the planet was getting bigger.

I like that not every level is just one planet that you have to defend.

Thank you for your comment!

The player not realizing the planets are growing was the sort of reaction I was hoping for, so I'm happy to hear you say that.