In this world, people follow the most powerful of symbols: the crown!

As the Monarch, you must wear the appropriate crown in order to command the correct subject. Use the power of the crowns to command the Blacksmith, Archer and Wizard and reach your throne room.

This game is a submission for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 199 and the theme is "Monarchy".


Keyboard and Xbox Controller support.

  • WASD - Move the Monarch
  • Space  - Pick up/ Drop a crown
  • Arrow Keys - Move the Blacksmith, Archer or Wizard
  • Right CTRL - Use the Blacksmith's, Archer's or Wizard's ability
  • Escape - Pause Menu


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Environmental artwork taken from the Low Poly Dungeons Lite asset pack by Just Create.

Background music was created using AIVA.


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Crown Chaos (Win) 25 MB
Crown Chaos (Mac) 25 MB


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This is a really cool puzzle solving idea (though I am struggling to figure out how to use the Wizard consistently). Also the text speed felt very slow. The sound effects are also great though.

Awsome Game. I would like to see more

Fantastic idea! Love the interdependence / collaboration puzzle elements ;) this concept could expand into a mobile game perhaps? With lots of varying levels to progress the story of this sarcastic cynical monarch and his 3 trusted powers. That da-da-da-da-da sound from the dialogue is 300% louder than I would set it :)

Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you're not wrong about the sound effect. Audio in general is my weakest point, by far. :D


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